Flow Sensor


  • Shows both flow rate and volume
  • Simulation of all output signals
  • Clean in place (CIP), FDA or KTW approved
  • Version with Alloy C22 electrodes
  • Waste water treatment
  • Flow control of drinking water (FDA approval)
  • Laundries: measurement and control of the water consumption
  • Swimming pools: pump protection and flow control
  • Food-processing industry: monitoring of the cleaning cycles (FDA approval)
  • Irrigation
  • Application with sea water: desalination, fish farms
8055(Full Bore Electromagnetic Flow Meter)

Continuous measurement or Batch Control
  • For water treatment and general purpose applications
8056 (Continuous measurement or batch control )

Continuous measurement or Batch Control
  • High accuracy
  • Data logger, PROFIBUS DP, HART available
  • Bidirectional measure
  • Dual measurement range
  • Diagnostic function
  • Empty pipe detection
  • Remote configuration (for connection to PC or hand terminal through remote configuration tool kit)
  • Batch function
8035 Paddle Wheel

  • Displays both flow rate and volume (with two totalizers)
  • Automatic calibration: Teach-In
  • Simulation: all output signals provided without the need for real flow
  • The flow transmitter is specially designed for use in neutral, slightly aggressive, solid , free liquids.

  • Flow rate, 2 totalized volumes shown on display
  • Automatic calibration: Teach-In
  • Simulation: all output signals provided without the need for real flow
  • This positive displacement flowmeter with display is designed for use in slightly viscous fluid like glue, honey or oil .
Ultrasonic flowmeter

  • Flow sensor for conductive and non-conductive liquids
  • Compact design with no moving parts
  • Process temperature up to 80 °C, process pressure up to 10 bar
  • High chemical resistance due to seal-free sensor design
  • Large display with membrane keyboard
  • Integrated teaching tube detection

Ultrasonic gas meter for the natural gas distribution
  • State-of-the-art technology: ultrasound
  • Diagnostics and permanent operational check
  • Robust and reliable without moving parts
  • Replacable cartridge
  • Straight inlet/outlet piping not required
  • Overload-proof
  • Optional integrated volume correction/data registration
  • Battery or intrinsically safe power supply