Steam Valves

DN: 15...80
Equal-percentage characteristics for modulating
control of cold water, hot water and steam.
Control: Modulating, Opne/Close
  • Humidifier
  • Heat Exchanger
  • Easy commissioning
  • District Heating
Characterized Control Valve

Equal-percentage characteristics for modulating control of cold and hot water Applications
Water-side control of air handling units in air conditioning systems
Water-side control in heating systems

Electronic Pressure Independent Valve:
Product features
Equal-percentage characteristic
Manual operation by lever
  • Large AHU system
  • Distribution applications
  • Chillers/Boilers
  • Control valve for large zones/bigger terminals
Energy Valve

The Energy Valve combines ALL of the following components:
Belimo CCV (Characterised Control Valve)
Electromagnetic flow sensor.
Advanced control options including Belimo Delta T Manager.
Supply and return water temperature sensors, for energy management.
BACnet MS/TP or BACnet IP network communication.
For closed cold and warm water systems
For modulating water-side control of air purification and heating systems
Nominal voltage AC/DC 24V
Communication via BACnet IP or conventional control

  • Water-side control of air handling unit in ventilations and air-conditioning plants
  • Water-side control in heating plants
  • Fancoil control
  • VAV reheat
Fan Coil Valves

Open/Close & floating control (AC/DC 24V)
  • Room temperature fan coil control in heating or cooling system
Angle Seat Valve

2/2 Way Angle-Seat Valve, DN 10-65, Pneumatically Operated, Gunmetal or Stainless Steel Body, combinable as On/Off Classic Valve System Type 8801/8803-YA. 2000 INOX actuator and valve body in stainless steel. Actuator concept also for block mounting.
Ball Valve

  • Pneumatic rotary actuator
  • Stainless steel ball valve
  • External regulation of the pistons
  • Full bore
  • Favourable flow rate
Diaphgram VALVE:

  • Applications with aggressive media
  • Flow-optimised body with zero dead volume
  • Self-draining installation possible
  • Removable radial true union, spigot
Globe Valve

Classic design with interchangeable trims, 3 to 5 Kvs-value per connection port
  • Excellent control characteristic
  • Ultra compact design
  • Standard International face-to-face dimensions
  • High operative Safety