The XRAY SHARK® is an x-ray device with an integrated conveyor belt which is to be integrated in an existing production line. It analyses x-ray patterns automatically.The XRAY SHARK® G80 is the third generation x-ray systems,using the latest high sensitivity linear sensors.The combination of the Low Energy inspection technology, up-to-the-minute hardware and high performance image processing software give the systems a clear advantage in providing optimum protection for your product and your Brand name.
Some of its feature are :
  • 2 pcs. high power x-ray generator, each with max. 120 kV (2x 400W), variable in voltage + current
  • Optional: Addtional device with active cooling (Aircon or Peltier)
  • X-ray emission max 1 μSv/h or less, at using all safety devices
  • 15“ Color-TFT Touchscreen
  • 0 to +30 ° C, with relative humidity max 90% non-condensing
  • With optional additional cooling device: 0 to +45 ° C
  • Overall: IP42 (due to the required cooling air slots)
  • With optional wet room package: overall IP54 and product tunnel IP66
  • Density, Hard Contrast, Soft Contrast, Masking Technology, SuperContrast, AutoEdge, ImagesAutoSave/Load, Multi Segment Inspection, Metal Can and Metal Foil inspection, Fill Level, Generator Energy by Product, Password protection.